Smart Ways to Raise your Home Value

Often when preparing to sell a home, remodeling projects are tackled to increase the value of the house. New floors, updated countertops, and a new roof certainly add value, but you might not have to go to such lengths to get some extra return!  Have you thought about going high tech? As time goes on, technology evolves and new features can be implemented to make your home more appealing to a wide range of buyers for a comparatively low cost.

smart lock

Smarter and Safer!


Ever been locked out of your house?  I have! Keys can get lost, stolen, or bent, but that doesn’t have to mean an expensive call to the locksmith.. Perhaps you left the house and don’t remember if you locked your doors.  Installing keyless or remote entry locks on your doors can not only be convenient for you, but a draw for potential buyers. By using a keypad on the door or your smartphone, you can lock and unlock the door for that forgetful teenager, and even check the status after your Realtor is done with a showing.

smart lighting

Style and Convenience


House lighting has also come a long way. We’ve evolved to smart lighting! Smart lighting automation allows us to control lights remotely and wirelessly to save money on your utility bills and personalize the look of the home.  Energy efficient LED bulbs can change color to match your moods or fit the room’s decor. There are apps that let you dim or even turn lights on and off from anywhere with a phone or tablet. A small yet efficient improvement to bring a home up to new standards.

And, it doesn’t stop there!  Many manufacturers have begun offering thermostats, ranges, washers, dryers and even refrigerators that can communicate with you wirelessly. Smart homes additions are a growing market segment that not only make life a bit easier to live, but the home easier to sell.

Consider these exciting new technologies if you’re thinking of selling your house, and it may surprise you how much value they add!

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